The Forgetting River

Thursday, April 10, 2014 8:00PM
General Admission

The Forgetting River
Individual Tickets On Sale May 31 at 10 am

Performed in the Helms Theatre, on Grounds at U.Va.

Written and Directed by Marianne Kubik

Co-Conception by Marianne Kubik and Kathleen Baum

Eurydice is just getting used to death in the Underworld when her husband shows up at its gates, singing the blues to bring her home. Now the god Hades wants to know why the snake took Eurydice’s life without authorization, but Eurydice is not talking. Unless the gods get some answers, the end of Eurydice’s journey could soon be Lethe, the river of forgetting.

With the help of physical theatre, puppetry and ensemble devising, U.Va. Drama Associate Professor Marianne Kubik imagines the myth of Orpheus and Eurydice from a point of view ancient mythology never reveals: Eurydice’s. By examining the story’s plot from her perspective, this original stage production unveils a woman facing life-altering choices that resonate across cultures, past and present, endeavoring to ask how we shape our future.

Please note that The Forgetting River is intended for mature audiences and all tickets are $5.