The Foreigner

Thursday, September 24, 2009 8:00PM
Culbreth Theatre

The Foreigner
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Performed in the Culbreth Theatre, on Grounds at U.Va.

By Larry Shue

Directed by Richard Warner

The British are coming…and they’re about to uncover and unleash a hilarious brand of chaos on a tiny southern fishing lodge. In this case the British are in the forms of Froggy, a gregarious soldier and his painfully shy friend Charlie. When the soldier “protects” his friend from socializing by telling the lodge keeper Charlie speaks no English, the would-be wallflower is suddenly privy to a swirling storm of confessions and deceits and must reinvent himself as a charming foreigner. His life-changing acting job propels a series of increasingly hilarious happenings that build to a comic crescendo and final faceoff of good versus evil.